Gary W. Messecar, LCSW, M.Div.


About Us

Gary Messecar is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and offers specialized treatment of sexual addiction, including the compulsive use of pornography, strip clubs, affairs, adult bookstores, escorts and more.  He has trained with Dr. Patrick Carnes, a nationally recognized authority in sexual addiction treatment and author of Out of the Shadows. Gary Messecar is a Masters level graduate of Union Theological Seminary and offers spiritual guidance to all who seek a deeper meaning in their life. He is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a method of deeply addressing many forms of emotional trauma.



Please note:  Most clients are able to receive reimbursement from their health insurance carrier and assistance will be provided to enable you to do so.  However, the practice does not bill either your carrier or the client.                                                                                              Note: now accepting Husky Insurance